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Hi-Grade Chick Company Ltd was established on 1990, it started off as a small family enterprise with few employees being family members.

The Company is still managed by family members and the whole production consists entirely of the full range of Hi-Grade Chick Products.

Hi-Grade Chick focuses on the top quality of the whole production of DAILY FRESH LOCAL CHICKENS, from the order of the embryonated egg, up to the slaughtering of the chicken and delivery to your favorite butcher and shops around the Maltese Islands.

The company understands that only by maintaining highest standards would they keep a leading position in the processing industry of local fresh and frozen poultry.

Furthermore managers are aware that business is never static and customers are now always seeking for top quality products at the very best prices. This is why our production of fresh chicken is processed during the night. Therefore our customers find our fresh products at the butchers the same morning the chickens are slaughtered. This is our attempt to maintain a competitive LOCAL FRESH PRODUCT. When considering that IMPORTED chickens could never be bought from the house wife the same day that they are slaughtered as time is needed for preparing containers and transporting from a country to another.

 That is why Maltese housewives should always choose a DAILY LOCAL FRESH CHICKEN, to give her loving family the best.

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